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What is apartment customization and why should I do it?


A trend that has started to gain more and more attention within the real estate market has been the popular “apartment personalization”. Over the years, this novelty has even been offered by the builders and developers of the apartments to the new owners.

This is due to the high level of demand that many potential buyers have when looking for properties under construction that are still being built in the plant. For this reason, builders understand that personalization is more than a mere whim: it’s a way to help close a purchase and make your life easier.

How about exploring a little more about the definitions, performances and advantages of how “apartment customization” can do much more than just turn your home into a place with its characteristics? That’s what we’ll cover in our article today!

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Starting at the beginning, we need to make everything clear to those who are not yet familiar with the expression. In a nutshell, “apartment customization” is a way that those responsible for building a property can meet the demands of their customers.

This involves a series of alterations, adaptations, extensions and many other types of modifications made to a property to make it more exclusive, following the tastes of a resident to the letter and transforming each apartment into its own universe.

For this reason, customization is usually required in the early stages of building the property so that all processes are already thought out and adapted before the internal work begins.


In addition to meeting the choices and personal tastes of its customers, personalization also offers a series of other advantages ranging from savings generated in your pocket to transparency at all stages of this process.


Customizing your apartment still in its construction phase is a huge advantage, as all changes will be passed on to you, from the materials that will be used to the finishing. This transparency ensures that everything that will be done will have your final approval.

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Choosing to customize your property while still on the plan, you won’t have to bear the expenses that this type of procedure would bring when you decide to do it yourself. This not only avoids a financial headache, but also a scheduling headache, which would include doing the entire apartment renovation while you’re already residing in it.


Being able to modify your apartment while still on the floor plan is an ideal way to ensure your well-being as a resident, as well as raising the possibility of changing this environment as often as you like and in new ways.


You should contact your builder or developer to find out who is responsible for carrying out this step of the apartment’s construction. As you understand more about this part of the customization process, you can list what your requirements are. There are many general ways to ensure that your apartment is more optimized when thinking about your adaptations. But important: in general, the construction company opens a period for these contracts to be made, as this can impact their work.

TIP #1

Always count on the help and guidance of a professional trained in this type of demand, such as an architect or an interior designer. They have extensive technical knowledge to ensure that the entire composition of each room is in accordance with your expectations.

TIP #2

In terms of more structural renovations, it is always advisable to opt for the elimination of a bedroom so that it becomes a more functional room in the apartment, such as a new living room, a dining room or even a closet for one or two people.

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Tegra offers this service to its customers through Tegra ID , a personalization service offered in some developments. Talk to your realtor to find out if your property can still be adjusted to your face!