What are the best Facebook marketing tips

What are the best Facebook marketing tips


Here are some really simple Facebook guidelines for the newbie — but they’re still useful.

Best Facebook marketing tips

Change your ad image/text on a weekly basis – when your ad becomes saturated, your CTR will decline.


CTR will be influenced by the ad image. Women and men equally are more likely to click on photographs with women in them.

Variants should always be tested. Keep in mind that the impression count you see on the dashboard is not unique impressions, which means that depending on your target group, many people will be exposed to your advertising many times.

Because Facebook Ads no longer track conversions, make sure you have some analytics data to track referrals.


Facebook, like most ad networks, prefers you to adopt a CPM model since that is where they make the most money. We’ve discovered that CPM campaigns get momentum faster than CPC campaigns. (This assertion is based on a personal observation rather than any data).
Start your campaign on CPC and discover what works best for you in terms of CTR (a/b testing, etc.). Then switch to CPM to obtain more exposure while spending less.

Use Facebook reporting to determine when individuals are most likely to click on your advertisements, and then adjust your bids and capping to favor those periods.