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Understand the differences between developer and builder


When we talk about real estate, houses, apartments and all the words related to the real estate universe, some concepts can get quite confusing.

After all, with expressions that sound so similar, how do you know which is the correct use of each one and even what is the difference between them?

Therefore, today we are going to explain to you a little more about the world of developers and builders , what is their specialty, their functions and:


To understand a little better how we can answer this question, it is necessary to focus on each of these companies in more detail and how they operate in the market. When many people decide to buy a property , they only pay attention to the fact of who is selling it and not who was responsible for the construction.

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It is common to find companies that perform both developer and builder functions. Even if this serves as a facilitator so that the public does not worry about the origin of the services, as they are all done by the same location, it is important to have this notion when they are works carried out by different businesses.


This is where Tegra Incorporadora fits in, as you could predict from our name. This type of company is responsible for finding the main opportunities for a new venture, articulating the real estate details that involve this issue and predicting the viability of the business in question.

This is something curious to notice even at the origin of the expression “incorporator”, since the act that characterizes them in this way is to carry out the real estate registration in the parent registration at the registry in charge of real estate registration.

In addition, a developer is also responsible for other tasks, such as determining the suppliers of all necessary services (the communication part of the development to attract more buyers, for example).

Another important point in the role of developers is their commitment to also promoting ways for urban spaces to be increasingly revitalized and cultural and/or social actions that reflect this, such as INTEGRA.

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A construction company is primarily responsible for carrying out the construction of the project’s work. In other words, all the steps involved in making that building come out of the paper are the responsibility of the construction company.

Among some of these steps, we can mention the choice of workforce, the engineering project that was chosen, all the equipment that will be used, the physical integrity and safety of the work and the entire team involved, ensuring that everything is delivered to the stipulated dates and more.

When a project involves a developer and a construction company separately, the most common situation is that the developer hires the services of a construction company to carry out the work.


Even though they are part of the routine of most of Brazilians’ lives, it is important to reinforce their role when dealing with this market as a whole.

Real estate companies are only charged with the task of buying, selling, renting and managing property from third parties, who owe a special commission to the real estate agent when their property is sold or rented.

Whether modern or old apartments, when rented, owners can hire the service of a real estate agency to make sure that their salaries are being paid correctly with the tenants instead of carrying out this transaction in a more direct way.

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