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The importance of the Virtual Tour when buying a property


With the advancement of cutting -edge technology in our smartphones, each of our daily activities has become more and more practical and easier to be carried out with cell phones.

Everything is just a click away, be it banking transactions, online shopping, social network registration data or even the possibility of renting or buying a property.

When we talk about this last part, one of the biggest current trends in the market is the virtual tour, a service offered by many developers to facilitate the vision of potential buyers of the property on how it will be when it is ready.

However, many professionals in the area and even buyers may be resistant to the idea, as it eliminates an important face-to-face process in the sale of a property, which is precisely the visit to the property.

In our article today, we’ll explain the importance that the virtual tour can have in ensuring handshake between developer and buyer, as well as all the differentials that this modernity offers directly to the end customer.


To facilitate your understanding, let’s start by explaining what this virtual tour is. It is a 360° visual presentation of units that were already pre-designed in their construction stage.

In other words, it offers a complete view of the property from all its rooms, offering different angles to its customers without the need for them to be present on site.

For obvious reasons, we cannot say that this is the same as a face-to-face visit, but this alternative has brought many advantages and improvements to the visitation processes of the real estate market as a whole.

And it is precisely about the main advantages of the virtual tour that we will talk next!


It’s a fait accompli that properties that have the virtual tour option also have a much higher conversion rate than those that don’t.

This is due to the fact that the virtual tour helps to increase your interest and enchantment, which already existed before, but which will intensify after observing all the details of the property – to the point of being able to make the decision making of purchase happens right after the tour.

It is the same logic of having some kind of visual reinforcement for any product of interest: when we see something materialized in front of us, we automatically also know what we will acquire when investing our time and money.


Another great advantage brought by the virtual tour is precisely the convenience in scheduling and carrying out your visit in the property of interest.

Without the need to schedule an appointment on a date that is compatible with your client’s and the broker’s schedule, the virtual tour shortens paths and allows you to already know the apartment you are planning to buy

Without the need to travel to the location, the virtual tour also streamlines your purchase process in another way: when you see that the property does not please you, you optimize your time and that of your broker, opening up new possibilities.