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Studio Apartment: a trend that is here to stay


If you are thinking about buying your own property or investing in real estate, you need to keep an eye on this trend. Studio apartments are here to stay. This type of development is one of the most sought after in big cities.

Let’s understand in today’s post what it means to have a studio apartment, and the advantages for both living and investing.


Studios are types of apartments that have smaller footage and more integrated rooms. They usually have a partition from the bedroom with walls. And they are located in more strategic areas of cities, where there is good infrastructure for leisure and services.

The most common studio configuration includes a useful area of ​​approximately 30m², a kitchen integrated with the living room, a bedroom, bathroom and laundry area incorporated into the kitchen.

This type of apartment meets the interest of several types of public:

• Younger people – students or professionals who spend a good part of their day away from home and want a practical, organized and clean place. And of course, strategic location influences this decision, due to mobility. The closer to subway lines, cycle paths and major access routes, the better.

• Entrepreneurs who live alone and need to optimize their time, finding a practical, safe and modern environment in studio apartments.

• Childless couples with a fast pace of life, who travel a lot and want to combine practicality with comfort, without giving up sophistication.

• Investors who are taking advantage of the high demand for this type of development, which has great potential for sale and high rentability.


In São Paulo, studio apartments account for more than half of real estate launches, according to data from the Housing Union (Secovi-SP). And this number is understandable given the change in the style of living in big cities, and even change in the public.

These changes in habits mean that there is a great demand for compact apartments. Thus, living in smart and planned spaces such as studio apartments becomes a great option for those seeking comfort, mobility and practicality in their daily lives. And that, of course, increases the investment of developers and builders in this type of project.

Nowadays, this public also seeks to spend less time in traffic, and live in more consolidated neighborhoods – consequently, closer to work or public transport. Strategic location has become a key item for those who have a very busy routine.

In addition, the proposal of more functional floor plans for studio apartments is highly valued by those seeking comfort without having to worry about the maintenance that large spaces demand. So much so that most of the projects with studio units already come with shared services structure, such as laundry and coworking office. This shared space structure is well valued by all buyers.


And of course, let’s talk about the demand for these projects as a form of investment. Studio apartments are great value-for-money opportunities. They have more attractive values, and high potential for profitability if the business is leased. In addition, they are in constant demand and offer the possibility of charging rents above the average percentage practiced by the market in general.

In addition, investment in real estate of this type can also target the business market. Remember that many companies transfer employees to large cities and look for profitable options that meet their needs.