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Open Concept: a layout trend that is here to stay


In recent years, an architectural trend that has been gaining momentum in the real estate market is the Open Concept. You might not identify it right away when we say this name, but you’ve probably come across places that followed this aesthetic pattern.

Explaining the Open Concept is very simple: the idea is to make all the rooms in the property more unified, without the presence of so many walls and partitions, making the house fully integrated, with an emphasis on the living roomz and kitchen.

The Open Concept seeks to convey a sense of freedom to the resident, allowing them to do several things at the same time, such as preparing dinner and keeping in touch with their guests in the living room or dining room, for example.

In this article, we will explain more about its origins, some of the main advantages and why it became so popular.

How did the open concept come about?

The Open Concept emerged in New York during the 1990s, when old industrial buildings underwent a process of revitalization and re-signification, being transformed into residential apartments for some of the new residents of neighborhoods like Brooklyn.

Then, the concept began to spread across the United States as a trend in modern architecture, being preferred by residents of neighborhoods with a strong cultural and artistic scene.

With this, its main features emerged: the demarcation of environments according to the arrangement of the furniture, the visualization of the environment as a whole, complete integration of the house and much more.

What are the main advantages of the open concept?

In addition to better taking advantage of all the environments of a property, the Open Concept allows residents to do several activities at the same time, as mentioned above.

It encourages and facilitates family life, making everyone enjoy their time together, whether to relax, have fun or do their household chores, making everything even more practical, simple and participatory.

Your visits have a much larger circulation area, with more airy, organized and optimized environments.

This is an excellent idea even for smaller properties, as the Open Concept gives the impression that it is wider and better used.

Generally, the integrated spaces go through the kitchen, the dining room and the living room. But, depending on the project, even the bedroom and the garden can be part of this process of opening the house.

And why is it becoming so popular in recent years?

If you think that the Open Concept only benefits those who have a large house, you are very wrong! Apartments, especially those with smaller dimensions, are the main beneficiaries of this trend.

This helps explain why the Open Concept has gained such traction. As the number of new residents in less spacious apartments grows, finding ways to make the space better utilized is essential.

For this reason, adopting the Open Concept has been a strategy for architects and interior designers when building and decorating new apartments.

Whatever the reason for your choice, the Open Concept is here to stay. In addition to the advantages we mentioned, the integrated environments are modern, bold and cozy, which ends up being one more reason to bet on this style.