benefits of commercial real estate

Learn about the top 3 reasons to invest in commercial rooms


With the change in the Brazilian economic scenario in 2019, new possibilities are becoming part of investors’ daily lives, seeking to diversify the formats of their investments. And this brought a new look to the real estate market. According to the FipeZap Index released in October, the buyer who chooses to invest in property for the purpose of earning rental income has an average annualized return of 5.34% for commercial properties and 4.64% for residential properties. This without the risk of unpredictable returns and without providing large additional amounts, as can happen in the stock market, for example.

Given this trend and advantage in investing in commercial real estate, we have listed below our three main reasons for you to also start investing in this type of product and understand more about this type of business that has been so successful.


A great risk always associated with the investment world is due to the amount disbursed to start the business and hope that this return occurs as soon as possible. A great differential of commercial rooms is that your initial investment does not need to be a high amount, which will compromise your financial health.

Many commercial rooms are available for financing with installments better than rent, making it a very attractive option for those who want to start their entrepreneurial life without major risks.

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As we said before, renting a property is your ideal guarantee of economic profitability every month. But there is an excellent contributing factor to investing in commercial rooms: leases can yield 0.5% above average in their rental value.

If your office space is well located and you can count on the guidance of a good real estate agent, when closing a deal with your tenant, you can guarantee a contract that guarantees the conservation of the property plus an extra fee on the rent, which can improve your rent at the end of the rental period.

Therefore, it is essential to research all the possible details before buying and/or investing in your commercial room, such as the neighborhood, local businesses, those responsible for the economic movement of the region and everything else. By securing a good place, you will be more secure in your investment.

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Living on real estate investments also means the need for constant renovation and investment in new opportunities, always analyzing prospecting according to current scenarios. That’s why commercial rooms are also a great option in this regard.

By having a well-established commercial point, it is easy to sell the property, given the demand for new investors. In this case, you can also do what you want and even exchange it for other opportunities that are more interesting, as it has been done countless times.