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Ideas on how to make a closet in your bedroom


Having a closet at home is what many people want. And the time that only those with greater purchasing power can have has passed. You can set up a small, inexpensive closet in your bedroom or in a small room. Just a little creativity and organization!

To help you on your quest for the perfect closet, we’ve prepared some special tips. They assume that you are looking for open closets, which are the trend everyone is looking for, and created from scratch.

Pipe macaws

PVC pipes can become easy structures to compose your new closet. You can snap them together to form macaws and hang the hangers. Can be complemented with a base below, to organize shoes or small shelves. By far, it’s the cheapest way to start your closet. You can find PVC pipes and their elbows (tube-bend-shaped fittings) at home improvement stores.

Adapt old furniture

That closet that no longer fits could be your new closet. Of course, with the necessary adaptations. A piece of a closet can serve as an open structure, without the doors – the bottom can be optional. They look very much like a shoe rack in terms of organization. It requires a certain knowledge of joinery, so that the furniture is adapted the way you imagined.

If you don’t have old furniture, keep an eye out for donations, sales from friends, or discards from buildings.

Use stairs

There are two really cool ways to create your closet from stairs. The first is to use the classic ladder as a shelf, fixed directly to the wall. It would serve as your macaw for the hangers, keeping the clothes facing you. So that this structure is not just for hanging clothes, it can be complemented with other items, such as a bench or chest of drawers at the bottom for shoes and other items.

The other way needs not just one but two folding ladders. You will put them together and they will create support for shelves – and it is from this sum that your closet is born. It is one of the ideas with the most personality, because styles of folding stairs exist in lots and their composition with boards and shelves gives a much diversified space. It is important to use two ladders of the same type for this composition.

Pallets or crates

Want to get even more into customizing your closet? Bet on crates or pallets, where you find greater freedom to compose the way you need it. Tall pieces of pallets can take the place of supporting the walls of the closet, and the boxes can be used as dividers for clothes.

The important thing about using these materials is to give the wood a good treatment, sand it well, and remove the splinters. From there, customize a lot: use ceilings, dismantle the wood to create structures, use colors, etc.

You find pallets and crates in buildings, logistics companies, fairs and large markets – usually discarded or sold for a symbolic price.

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A closet made of wire-frame materials can be more flexible to assemble the structure of the size and shape you need. It is also a good material to take up more space on the walls, making it an open cupboard with more dimensions. It goes well both as an individual structure and fixed to the wall. You can buy separate pieces in niches, side frames, baskets and shelves.