living room ceiling lights ideas

3 Living Room Lighting Ideas


People tend to spend hours and hours choosing the sofa in the room or the color of the walls, but they often forget the importance of proper lighting. In a room where we watch TV, read books, welcome friends and where we spend most of our time indoors, lighting is as much a question of aesthetics as of functionality. And it is she who creates an atmosphere of intimacy with those who step into the apartments, as it is usually the first room when you open the door. After all, the first impression is what remains.

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A good light play for the living room has different types of light, with different intensities, that work together to make the space cozy. The work begins with the enhancement of natural light, investing in large openings and glass doors and even skylights wherever possible. Afterwards, a lighting project is essential in order not to leave in the dark that corner that the sun cannot reach…

We separate the three most popular lighting strategies among professionals and explain how they work. Check out and learn to combine them all for impeccable lighting in your living room!

Accent lighting

To create a more interesting atmosphere inside the living room, it is interesting to highlight some details of the space, whether it is a fireplace, a textured wall or a painting on the wall. In this case, accent lighting is the way to create a focal point on the detail you want to highlight. Recessed and adjustable lights aimed at these points, or cabinet lighting are examples that work very well.

But for it to really play its role, it needs to provide about five times as much light at the focal point as the general surrounding light.

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Ambient lighting

Ceiling lights, elegant chandeliers, recessed light, lighting fixtures are this type of light responsible for illuminating the room in general. And it is the lighting that will be used the most in everyday life. Therefore, it affects the overall quality of the environment and the value of the electricity bill. The ideal is to think about lighting the room as a whole using energy efficient solutions, with LED and other types that are economical and durable. The use of dimmer is also interesting to control the intensity of light.

Task lighting

When you want to read a book or need to write at a desk, so-called task lighting helps you get things done. This brighter light can be a floor lamp with a swing arm next to a comfortable chair or a light source directed over a table, such as a lampshade.

These are lights that you don’t use all the time, but when you need them and don’t have them, they will be greatly missed!

In this case, the positioning of the luminaire is essential for its practicality. Think of the main spaces where you would use it. Or opt for portable models that allow for greater flexibility.

With these three lighting options, the ideal is to think of a project that combines the three according to space requirements. Start with ambient light to brighten the overall room. With that ready, see which detail of the decoration would be nice to highlight and, finally, identify the need for a focal light for activities that may be carried out in the room.